Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Sun Life Stadium

Team: Sun Life Stadium
Location: Miami, FL
League: Major League Baseball(NL East)
Built: 1987
Capacity: 38,560(Baseball)
My event: Regular Season Game, vs New York Mets

1. Outdoor Design

I was somewhat surprised, they have a modern glass outside, with a south Florida beach vibe. From the outside, it really looks nice.

2. Indoor Design

When I walked in, I really was surprised. It seemed pretty cozy. But it wasn't AMAZING. The wall in left was pretty awkward, especially with the seats that you can't even go in. The seats also were more football orientated, and not angled.

3. Prices
I got a cheap ticket in the fish tank, which is the right field seats. The prices for drinks and food were high though.

4. Food
They had basic Ballpark food, and had a nice Latino menu.

5. Staff
I didn't have that much of a run in with them. The lady who I bought a drink from, lets just say, English wasn't her first language. However, the venders walking around were very cool. I liked that.

6. Cleanliness
One thing I noticed when walking to my seat was that the floors were pretty dirty. You think all the rain would wash it...

7. Parking
There was a lot of parking all around. We did get there early, but we parked close to the stadium, which is always good.

8. Atmosphere
This team has the worst attendance in the MLB. They closed off the upper deck for the rest of the season. On top of that, most people there were Mets fans. They did have a Cuban band playing that caused dancing.

9. Playing Surface
It was pretty good, i thought. Nothing bad. It was just kind of quirky, and there was parts that had, like, tarp or carpets in fair territory.

10. Scoreboard

There was two huge awesome video screens that had different information on each, on both ends of the stadium.

61, which really is a good score for this stadium. Their new stadium should be MUCH better.

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